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      Columbia County Online is proud to announce the release of our health section of our website. This section is currently focused on the current Corona virus outbreak, but more generalized health related topics and pages will be added soon.
      This section of our website will be where we post all the latest health related news, community health events, and generalized public health related information.
      We hope that this section of our website will currently aid those in need of information about the current outbreak today and tomorrow will help all our community members create a healthier and more wellness focused life.
      Thank you for supporting us as we attempt to add more features each day. Please let us know any issues or errors you are encountering using our website so we can fix these as soon as possible.

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      Columbia County Online is launching our free community Blog feature!  Users can create and interact with Blogs right on our website for free! 
      We understand this time of quarantine can be worrisome and leaving many people wondering what to do while sitting at home, but now we are here to offer a way community members can share with others!  Create a blog for your cooking, adventures, pets, and basically anything you can think of!  Blogs do not need to be focused on our local community e.g. a genetic cooking blog is perfectly fine, but Blogs do need to be friendly for all ages for our website (Well, 13 years of age and older).
      This is also a great way to get your business out there by starting a blog to share updates and sales!
      We thank each and everyone of you who are supporting us during these growing pains.  Please report any problems via our ticket system.
      Start your first blog by visiting our blog page here!

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      Columbia County Online is offering free online advertising on our website to ALL local businesses (besides adult and political ads) until at least July 1st 2020.  We can not offer much during this economic shutdown, but our staff agreed that this was a good start.  
      No, there is no extensive signup or commitments, just make a free forum account and reply to the topic linked below to get your advertisement listed in our system.  That is literally all the steps.
      No negative advertisements will be allowed as this is designed to encourage growth in our community, not start debates and argue with each other.

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      Our community is far from finished, but our local community and businesses are in need of support!  We have decided to launch our website early and missing numerous features to help those around us.  Please bear with us as development continues in the background on a daily basis.
      Columbia County Online is run by a local business (Uncrowned Empire) to provide an always free and community based website of the local community.  We do not accept donations, please send those to a local charity or person in need.  A list of charities will be added soon.
      So much more is coming, but for now we wish to do what we can.  If you find a way we can help others, let us know!
      What are we doing this for?
      Well that is simple, we aim to help our local community with information and community based support.  We admit, that we are very limited in what we can provide to those in need, but we need to do our part none the less.
      Is this a COVID-19 based website?
      No, Columbia County Online is not here for medical advise or to directly fight the virus, but we have the resources to indirectly help those around us.  Be aware, that we are community driven and not lead by a team of doctors when questions are asked.
      What about after the outbreak is over?
      Hopefully this outbreak will be over quickly and we can go back to focusing on our main journey of providing a support platform for Columbia County.

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