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As many of you already know, our website was launched early to help keep information about the COVID-19 outbreak available and focused on our community.  However, we are now pushing to launch the features we aimed to have available originally.  Today we are expanding our community forums to encompass more topics that the everyday user will find useful. 

First we are starting off by adding a new "Community Questions" forum where members of our community to ask questions regarding all sorts of matters in the local area.  This area is great to get information about local events, politics, social office locations, etc.  It is also open for all users to use as they need.

Secondly we added an area to Share Social Media groups and help promote them to other members of the community.  From buy/sell/trade groups to local events, this forum can be used to share all sorts of local groups that exist on social media, like Facebook.

Third is an entire new section to our forum for community posting.  This new section includes a place to add Public Service Announcements with our fellow community members, a Lost and Found section, and a Yard Sale section for sharing personal events!

We hope to continue to improve our community to benefit those around us!


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