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  1. Our Community

    1. In The News

      World news, local news, internet based news, technology releases, it can all be found here!  If you see anything that you feel is worthwhile, post it here or simply follow the topics others post to say in the loop.

    2. Public Bulletin Boards

      Share updates to local events, schools, gatherings, and so much more here!  This forum is focused on allowing members of the community to share information to other members of the community to help spread the word of local news. 

    3. Local Areas

      Have a topic that just relates to a local area?  Then this is the place to post it.  From local meetings to questions about why a road is closed, it is all acceptable here.

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  2. COVID-19 Center

    1. COVID-19 News & Annoucements

      Keep up-to-date of the COVID-19 outbreak in our area and news that affects us all.

    2. COVID-19 Information & Support

      Help out fellow members of our community with questions they may have and information they may need to know to stay safe during this outbreak.

    3. COVID-19 Business Center

      How is your business getting out to customers during this outbreak?  Post a topic here to get word out on how you are offering your services at this point in time.  We are currently looking into better ways to get this information out to the public.

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    4. COVID-19 Discussion

      Talk to your fellow community members about the virus pandemic and perhaps even work together for a common goal.

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  3. Information Center

    1. Community Questions

      Have questions about your local community?  Perhaps you need information a community organization or a municipality, then feel free to post your questions here.

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    2. Website Support

      If you are having any issues using any Columbia County Online related feature please start a topic here, this can include anything on our website, forum, social media, email, etc.  This forum allows for open community discussion of support issues and is best used for advice and “how-to” question.  Never use this forum for security or account based issues, always use our ticket system to prevent any issues.
      Never give out your password to anyone, our staff will NEVER need it!

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