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  1. Our Community

    1. In The News

      World news, local news, internet based news, technology releases, it can all be found here!  If you see anything that you feel is worthwhile, post it here or simply follow the topics others post to say in the loop.

    2. Public Bulletin Boards

      Share updates to local events, schools, gatherings, and so much more here!  This forum is focused on allowing members of the community to share information to other members of the community to help spread the word of local news. 

    3. Local Areas

      Have a topic that just relates to a local area?  Then this is the place to post it.  From local meetings to questions about why a road is closed, it is all acceptable here.

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    4. COVID-19 Information & Support

      Help out fellow members of our community with questions they may have and information they may need to know to stay safe during this outbreak.

  2. Community Outreach

    1. Emergency Services (EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement)

      Staying up-to-date on your local EMS, Fire, Law, and Rescue services is a great way to keep up-to-date on your community as a whole.  Ask questions that departments can answer directly or simply find some information about upcoming events.
      Do not use this forum to report emergencies or crimes, please call 911 if you are in need of aid.

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    2. Local Businesses

      Let the local community know what your business is up to and events you may be having!  We always encourage businesses to stay interactive with their customers online and this is a great start!  Do not be afraid to share your favorite recommendations here either for other members of the community to enjoy.

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  3. Off-Topic Forum

    1. Automotive

      Cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. are a passion for many and all are welcome to share their discussions about them here.

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    2. Entertainment

      Everyone has a favorite series or is simply looking for their next favorite song, and this is the perfect place share your favorites or simply learn about the next great streaming service.

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    3. Health & Fitness

      From gym techniques and training regiments to diets and health trends here is the perfect location to discuss with our community about staying healthy and fit while pursuing your goals.

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    4. Home & Garden

      Do-it-yourself projects are one of the most important and often challenging parts of owning or even renting a home.  Here users can work together to share knowledge and skills to others or perhaps show of their plans and/or finished projects.  This is also a great area to ask for advice on obtaining professional help or simple tips to daily tasks.

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    5. Sports & Outdoors

      Talk about sports (pro, college, unofficial, etc.) and other outdoor based activities here.  Hiking, camping, etc is all welcome along side the sports as well.

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  4. Information Center

    1. Community Questions

      Have questions about your local community?  Perhaps you need information a community organization or a municipality, then feel free to post your questions here.

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    2. Website Support

      If you are having any issues using any Columbia County Online related feature please start a topic here, this can include anything on our website, forum, social media, email, etc.  This forum allows for open community discussion of support issues and is best used for advice and “how-to” question.  Never use this forum for security or account based issues, always use our ticket system to prevent any issues.
      Never give out your password to anyone, our staff will NEVER need it!

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