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Do Not Forget Those In Need

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While it is easy to remember that the elderly needs extra care during these times, our staff team would like to remind everyone to remember that there are numerous groups of individuals and families in need and at high risk right now.

Obviously, the elderly need to be protected from this outbreak as it has proven to be extra deadly for those individuals if infected.  You should not be visiting your elderly family members now, but do not forget about them.  Many of us are stuck at home and that means there is no excuse to give your elderly relatives a phone call to check in on them. 

Chronically ill family and friends are in the same risk factor as the elderly and again you should not be visiting these people, but again do not forget they exist.  A friendly phone call, inviting them to online gaming matches, and simply keeping them included can make a huge difference in their lives and keep them positive to fight off their normal illnesses on top of the new outbreak.

We all probably know someone with depression, anxiety, or other disorders that are hard for that individual to coupe with and being locked in a house worrying about global pandemic is not the time to leave them alone.  Calling them on the phone to talk a bit and just offering an ear to listen to them is huge in their lives and it does not take away from your own life.

Lastly, we understand that drug addicts are a touchy issue, but the truth is we often know someone affected by drugs and right now that person is sitting at home unable to talk to anyone or get help.  Do not hesitate to call these friends and family to check in on them, it does make a difference.

All in all, there are more people at risk then just on this list, but we cannot name them all.  At the end of the day, it is not the government or large corporations that preform a miracle, it is the action of millions that will get us through this outbreak.


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