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  • Bloomsburg

    Founded In 1802
    Official Website: https://bloomsburgpa.org/

    Bloomsburg, PA is a small, historic town located within Columbia County and is home to just over 14,000 residents. The County seat, Bloomsburg, is considered an incorporated “town” in Pennsylvania. The relaxed atmosphere, characteristic of central PA, is balanced by stimulating cultural and recreational activities.

    The turn of the century brought about a substantial change in Bloomsburg, PA’s economy because iron ore was exhausted, and the agricultural base was depleted. Textile mills began to locate in Bloomsburg, PA such as Magee Carpet, employing many local people and enhancing the local economy. Read Full Description Here

  • Town Hall

    301 E. Second Street
    Bloomsburg, PA 17815
    Phone: 570-784-7123 (Automated)
    Phone: 570-784-7703 (Receptionist)

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