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  • Berwick Historical Society excited by new Carriage House Exhibit

    With the recent COVID-19 pandemic ruling our lives recently, Berwick Historical Society has been hard at work behind the scenes, getting ready for a new exhibit. Just in time for the passing Halloween season, the Berwick Historical Society has just restored and opened an exhibit of the Old Berwick Jailhouse. The Old Carriage House, located at the Jackson Mansion is the site of the new exhibit. Jackson Mansion was built in the 1800’s, and served as a mansion, Town Hall, Berwick Police Department, and yes, our very own Jailhouse.

    In 1950, the Berwick Police Department took over the Carriage House and converted it into the Berwick Police Department. The police department served the members of the town of Berwick until 2009. As quoted by executive director of the Jackson Mansion, Jim Stout.

    In 2009 The Berwick Historical Society took possession of the Jackson Mansion and Carriage House. This is when restorations of the property began. The result, is as you see when you take the tours throughout the mansion to this current day. Obviously the “Jail cell” remained in tact, but wasn’t open to the public until now.

    So, with everyone concentrating on the pandemic, Berwick Historical society, restored the old Carriage House, and with brushes and tools in hand, restored the Jailhouse, to its former glory!

    The exhibit displays pictures of the police departments history over the last century. Photographs of the Berwick Police Department can be traced back to the turn of the century. Other memorabilia are displayed, as a proud display of Berwick history. Artifacts from the original Carriage House are also on display.

    So, if your looking to find something to do during the “pandemic”, take a short walk over to the Berwick Historical Society and Carriage House and see the history surrounding the town of Berwick!


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